Linda (lindapendant) wrote in diyrevolution,

Hardwood stairs refinishing question.

I am sanding down and refinishing hardwood floors and a stairway. Previously, there was carpet on the stairs with under padding. Basically, the under padding has stuck to the wood over the years but I doubt very much if an adhesive had been used since there are just spots of it here and there to remove.

This material isn't sticky or gummy to the touch, rather it is dried out but firmly stuck to the wood.

Scraping it off isn't working, sanding off would work but would take a month of Sundays. I have used furniture stripper (Circa 1850) before to remove this kind of dried out and stuck under padding and it worked, but I would like to know if anyone has used a product that might be better suited for this job.

Thanks in advance, and don't carpet your hardwood, people!!
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